Nue Makeup celebrates the woman of today. She is independent and strives to live life on her own terms.

She's empowered and courageous. She values life's journey more than it's destination and she doesn't want to have it all, she wants to try it all. We want to provide her with makeup that resonates with this journey and effortlessly incorporates itself into her daily routine, encouraging her to live life to the fullest.


Nue is more than a makeup brand. We encourage and challenge women to be socially and ethically responsible for their self. We collaborate with the women of today who are creating waves and leading in their industries.


We embrace authenticity, whilst exploring every aspect of femininity and freedom of expression and do this through our products.

Our products are carefully and innovatively designed to be synonymous with fun and aspiration. We are at the forefront of trendsetting and innovation. We offer timeless products, carefully designed with stories that resonate with the woman of today.